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The Origin

Arteneos came about purely by chance - and because I had more time at a particular stage of my life than I had for a long time before. As a journalist who had written about developments in the German furniture industry for many years, I also grew a desire to do something that fulfilled me. During the pandemic, when I was hardly on the road, I started tinkering with a website. The theme was to be art - but not in the sense that I write primarily about art. I was more interested in understanding and describing the art market. Who are the players? How does one deal with the tremendous lack of transparency in this particular market? How do the sometimes horrendous prices for works of art come about? What is the relationship between art and commerce? Are both aspects mutually exclusive? But if they are, how can the art market exist as we see it? I decided to dive deeper into the subject, even if it only costs me time and effort in the end, and the questions remain unanswered. 

As ever,
Ronny Waburek


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