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Thursday, July 6, 2023
07:10 am CET
By Ronny Waburek
Thursday, July 6, 2023, 07:10 am CET
By Ronny Waburek





Art Meets Science

Hirsch's Unique Take on Landscape and Sustainability

Art Meets Science

Hirsch's Unique Take on Landscape and Sustainability


This summer, art enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to with a series of exhibitions featuring works from renowned artists Debora Hirsch and Gabriele Grones, as well as Federico Seppi's ongoing show.

Debora Hirsch in RAGGIO VERDE

From July 14th to September 13th, Debora Hirsch will be participating in the group show RAGGIO VERDE at Museo Santa Maria della Scala and Museo Orto Botanico in Siena. Curated by Michela Eremita, the exhibition is a product of the Workshop on Landscape, a series of meetings where artists of various generations discussed themes of landscape, diversity, sustainability, and resources from both a scientific and artistic perspective.

The exhibition, in collaboration with the Municipality of Siena, the University of Siena, the Antarctic Museum, and the Botanical Garden of Siena, will offer visitors a deep analysis of the landscape. Eight of Hirsch's works on endangered plants of the Tuscan territory will be on display, providing a unique blend of the artist's and scientific researcher's perspectives.

Gabriele Grones at the 21st Art Stays Festival

Gabriele Grones will be participating in the 21st edition of the contemporary art festival Art Stays, Potovanje Voyage in Ptuj, Slovenia, from July 6th to September 10th. Grones' work, Narava, will be displayed at the group exhibition Postcards, curated by Jernej Forbici and Marika Vicari at the FO.VI Gallery in Strnišče (Ptuj). This isn't Grones' first time at the festival; he previously participated in 2011 and 2017.

The festival will present several thematic strands through exhibitions, screenings, and talks, with travel being a crucial element of contemporary artistic expression. It will explore travel not just as an allegorical and metaphorical narration for the inspiration and creation of the work, but also as a physical journey of the artwork itself.

Current Shows: Federico Seppi and Gabriele Grones

Federico Seppi's installation project, Archeologia urbana, is currently on display at the Civic Gallery of Trento and the Roman Villa of Orpheus until November 26th. The installation explores the urban stratigraphic history, with Seppi's works creating a dialogue between archaeology and the 70s-style buildings of the city centre.

In addition, Gabriele Grones' installation work, Schlangenritual, is currently visible at Boccanera Gallery Trento as part of the Extra Muros project of Mart - Galleria Civica. The polyptych draws inspiration from Aby Warburg's book, "The ritual of the snake," and features a series of oil on canvas paintings representing snakes from different eras, traditions, and cultures. The installation serves as a conceptual map, highlighting symbolic connections between the iconography of the snake.