/ Action Artist Ibi-Pippi Orup Hedegaard Overpasted Painting

Monday, May 2, 2022
10:27 pm CET
By Ronny Waburek

Assault in the Museum

Action Artist Overpasted Painting

Monday, May 2, 2022, 10:27 pm CET
By Ronny Waburek

Chick attack

Chick attack

A museum has something of a sacred place about it, and the works of art on display inside resemble relics. Looking at them is allowed, touching them is usually strictly forbidden. To transgress this law is generally considered sacrilege. Now modern art, of all things, has made it its business to break the rules. Seen in this light, the transgression of boundaries has now reached a new climax with an action by the artist Ibi-Pippi Orup Hedegaard. She perpetrated an artistic attack on a work by Asgar Jorn in Denmark by pasting over a picture by the painter and signing it with her name.

The painting by Jorn is entitled "Den foruroligende ælling" (The disturbing duckling, 1959). For it, Jorn had purchased a painting at a flea market showing a burning house and painted over it with an abstracted duckling. Jorn, who lived from 1914 to 9173, repeatedly painted over existing works. In this respect, artist Ibi-Pippi Orup Hedegaard's claim that she "doubly modified" the painting cannot be entirely dismissed.

Allegedly, the action artist Ibi-Pippi Orup Hedegaard wanted to question Jorn's authorship. What came next was predictable: After the action, she was taken away by a museum employee. Attempts were made to remove the sticker from the picture - with only moderate success. What could not be removed were traces of glue, which will probably always remain at work. Also unsuccessful were efforts to remove the signature of Ibi-Pippi Orup Hedegaard.

One can imagine the horror of museum director Jacob Thage in the face of the attack. For him it is nothing more than vandalism, and by no means action art.


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